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I started this site last April 2013 and 5 months has passed before I was able to start with this blog. This website aims to share tips and provide useful posts not just about shoes but living a healthy social life.

 Few Facts About Me

*I personally love shoes and while others collect blogs, gadgets and other stuff, I would spend my extra money on buying a new pair at least a month or every after 2 months.

*I love red – but not too much addicted on it! I use to paint my nails red. I love buying new clothes with an accent of red. I love shoes with a color red on it. I love bags with a red tone. I really love all shades of red.

*Internet is my work and it is a weird fact that this will be the first blog I will (try my best to) handle.

Punktastic: Everything on Red

Got this image from Punktastic. This is just to represent me. :)

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